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> On a small blue planet, in an unremarkable solar system, an epic battle has raged for millennia. The mighty forces of cooperation and empathy are locked in mortal combat with the deeply-rooted authoritarian armies of greed, fear, and domination. This is a war that is fought on a social level, between individuals and cultures, and it's also a war that each of us fights inside ourselves.
In 1886 the United States Supreme Court, in a bizarre fit of mass-psychosis, created a new kind of person; a non-human person. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are "natural persons" with many of the legal rights of a U.S citizen (more rights than many U.S. citizens enjoyed, then and now).
Jump forward to the present and you find a world that is, in many ways, ruled by corporations. The people who run the corporations are the same people who run the governments, who are the same people who run the web of "non-governmental" organizations that have ensnared the world.
These people and organizations use the idea of the "free-market" as a cover for their greed and their lust for power. Their big lie? The idea that unrestricted "markets" (reducing human relationships, with each other and with the rest of the world, to buying and selling) without "government interference" will magically work to produce an ideal society. If we give the entire world to the rich; public lands, schools, water, prisons, words, phrases, ideas, genes and entire life-forms, everything, and reduce all social interactions to profit-making transactions, and everything will be perfect: "It's all good®".
So how do "free markets" work in the real world? Free-marketeers (and pretty much every powerful person in the U.S. falls into this category to some extent these days) demand a scaling back of, or an end to government regulation that is "unfriendly to business". Sadly, "business" in this case does not mean the well-being of all workers and the communiites and the planet that that they inhabit. "Business" means the bank accounts of top executives and stockholders. And what is "unfriendly" to those bank accounts? All of the gains that working people and activists have agitated and fought and even died for: pollution controls, workplace safety regulations, endangered species protection, etc.
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"Cooperation between the state and corporations is the very essence of fascism." Benito Mussolini