A project of CASHCOW, the Center for the Advanced Study of Huge Corporations On Welfare

MOCOWphiladelphia as seen from the south:
rich guy digs a hole
philadelphia gets the shaft
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The sculpture on the roof, Business As Usual, sits on a rotating platform, offering passersby a laugh, and an illustration of the nature of "Free Market" ideology.
Looking east at MOCOWphiladelphia from 9th Street:
a corporation is not
a person. really.
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The DisneyHole will be, as much as possible, left "as is" with the fences and excavations intact. Visitors will enter the Museum grounds through holes cut in the fence.
While no permanent structures will be allowed, any and everyone will be encouraged to alter the space around the museum in interesting ways.
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Great DisneyHole Exposition!
FUN-FACT! Number of children lacking health coverage:
Japan: 0
United Kingdom: 0 (including non-citizens)
USA: 10,600,000 (in 1996)

according to
Earth Island Journal and the US Dept. of Commerce

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"Cooperation between the state and corporations is the very essence of fascism." Benito Mussolini